Talent Marketplace Pte Ltd establish in 2018, is an employment agency and a one-stop human capital solutions provider for our clients and partners. Our innovative workforce solutions have been provided across a wide range of industries. Our strength lies in our ability to provide an integrated, holistic approach for strategic human capital management. Through our services, we deliver a suite of human resource solutions that helps to create, scale, and serve markets in ways that are beyond the capacity of any single organisation – or even a traditional HR industry.

Talent Marketplace

About us

The talent marketplace believes in and helps people to build a huge network of interpersonal social relationships, creating a world of infinite possibilities for a huge social network between people, so that people with positive and good attitudes are right in the right job. It is very important to use its superb skills.

We have successfully helped many of the world's strongest companies optimize business processes, increase sales, reduce costs and increase consumer satisfaction.

Talent Marketplace

What we do

We are very proud that we are a provider of HR solutions that provide one-stop service to our customers and partners. Our innovative employee solutions have been used in a wide range of industries. Our strength lies in our ability to provide one-stop integrated, comprehensive solutions for our customers' human resources, helping to create, expand and serve the market. The special personnel service system and system are destined to make us stand out from the fierce competition of the peers and lead the traditional human resources service industry.

Talent Marketplace

Our People

Being professionals, we have many years of experience in corporate/job consulting, and a wealth of experience in corporate recruitment and corporate human resources. Have a deep research on the human resources industry/enterprise and be able to provide professional human resources services.

Our employees are committed to building and maintaining good customer relationships so that we can meet their exact needs. We provide HR solutions that enable businesses and employees to meet their needs.


Recruitment and candidate placement

Long-term contract

We have a rapidly growing database of job seekers, from beginner to advanced, to help you filter and find the right talent for you to meet your full-time talent needs.

Temporary contract

As a one-stop service provider in this field, we can provide temporary or contract staff in the shortest possible time. We will provide you with all the necessary management, such as salary, insurance and compensation, to give you peace of mind.

Work permit application

In the screening process of our foreign laborers. Our services include the provision of work permits for foreign laborers, such as

Work Permit (WP)
Special Pass (SP)
Employment Pass (EP)

Talent MarketPlace is licensed by the Ministry of Manpower as an appointed employment agency to assist our clients in the application for Work Passes.


For the right fit

The talent marketplace is a successful executive search for talent services for companies. Trained to become a top headhunting company with extensive experience in Singapore and Asia, we provide our clients with the unique talent to find and develop the business that best suits you.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced professional consultants who provide resources for professionals, managers, administrators and technicians (PMET) at all levels to provide you with the most suitable candidates when the talent market addresses all your expectations and requirements.

Through our personalized reviews and background research, the talent market ensures that the candidates we offer to your company are not only qualified for the position, but also incorporate the values of your company.

Human resource management service

Efficient Management

The talent marketplace provides human resources management services to provide a comprehensive service to enterprises by providing comprehensive human resources services such as payroll management, vacation and claims management, income tax returns and work permit applications.

We will conduct an analysis of the needs of the company's current situation, and combine the company's internal human resources status to give a good outsourcing solution. Demand analysis can also cover key HR policies and process optimization for SMEs

Salary outsourcing service

Lightening the load

With the changes in the salary level of the market and the changes in the business conditions of the company, the salary management work is increasingly complicated.

The salary structure and level are adjusted with the changes of the market and business, and large-scale data entry and cross-regional salary is paid in the salary distribution work. The salary distribution of foreign employees is increasingly plaguing the human resources management personnel of enterprises.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Expertise with experience

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services are a way of human resource outsourcing (HRO). In this service, the company outsources the entire process of internal recruitment. The so-called whole process refers to the identification of job descriptions, to the analysis of employment concepts, Job requirements, communication with the person in charge of the department, screening of resumes, talent assessment, interviews and acceptance notices, covering all aspects of the candidate's registration. In other words, RPO can provide a one-stop service from “End to End”.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) refers to an enterprise that delivers the entire recruitment process to an external organization. It involves all aspects of the recruitment process from the human resource discovery to the final recruitment process. It is an integrated process. Simply put, RPO is to define a recruitment process and hand over the recruitment process to an external company. Of course, the company must have the corresponding qualifications and experience, and recruit the required talents for the entrusted company according to the recruitment process.

Human resources information system

One stop service

The talent market is a human resource assistant in the era of digital change. Now it's time to convert the manual management of employee data, payroll, and vacation tracking into numbers, allowing easy tracking and unpaid wages.

It can combine attendance tracking and claim tracking. Employee file management, digitizing and keeping personal files of employee data. The talent market ensures that they are always up to date and accessible.

Leave parental leave management, unpaid leave, maternity leave. Time and attendance management, managing time-based employees through biometrics via mobile apps or GPS. Human resources administrative support

Working closely with the consulting team, the Human Resources Management Support team provides a range of solutions to facilitate the customer's operational requirements.


Tan May May

Project Director


Yvonne Lee Chao Fan

HR Director


Alvin Ang Wei Heng

Business Development